Thursday, April 23, 2015

Approaching the Finish Line

We're getting close to baby J's arrival, and I wish I could say we were more prepared. I am very (very!) ready to not be pregnant, but a little nervous about bringing home a little life and all that follows that. We are super excited to meet the baby, call the baby by name and watch each other become parents, but impending parenthood is suddenly real and scary. The nursery isn't ready, I haven't packed a bag and we definitely aren't close to settling on a name. So, we're excited yes, but definitely not ready.

Ready or not, baby is scheduled to arrive in six weeks or so, so we're kicking it into overdrive around here. We've had a little fun along the way, too. We took what is likely our last road trip before baby to see a dear high school friend get married. I'm so glad we were able to go, but a three hour road trip at eight months pregnant was rough. Sheesh.

Lavender macaroons at the dessert bar were worth the drive alone!

Sarah was a stunning bride!

And even though the nursery isn't ready, we are making progress. The crib is up and we're just waiting on the bedding. The room is painted and we're both happy with the color. I've made progress on the built-ins since I first posted a photo, but most of it will need to wait until we know boy or girl. And a name for that matter. I have no idea how we decided not to find out the gender, because I am itching to monogram something. Anything! For now, the letter J will have to do.


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