Friday, June 14, 2013

Goodbye Caldwell

My parents closed on their house today. Their house on Caldwell Creek Drive. They bought the house when I was a senior at Baylor, so I didn't grow up there, but I did make some wonderful memories in that house. I lived there for nine months after college, spent the last nine Christmases there, house-sat a time or two, did most of my wedding projects there and packed up my parent's car for the long haul to Salado for my wedding weekend right there in the circular drive. Lots of sweet memories.

dad packing his truck before the wedding weekend
I hope the next family has just as many great times in their new home. I also hope some of those moments are featured in a reality show. I won't name names, but the new owner has been on a few reality shows and was even a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, so another reality show is not out of the question. It would just be funny to see the house on television. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, happy closing day mom and dad!

For those curious, mom and dad aren't really going anywhere. They are building in North Richland Hills.


Bethe said...

My best friend's parents live on that street! Do you know the Mays?

Kinsey Weegar said...

I am laughing! What if we do see the house on t.v.? Ha!

Anonymous said...

kind of sad, :(, Clarence should keep them entertained! Mom

Stacey said...

Melissa Rycroft perhaps??? Please tell me yes!