Thursday, February 28, 2013

Curated by Kelly

Anyone who has ever read my blog has more than likely heard me brag and/or gush about one of my very best friends, Kelly. She's the one who introduced me to my husband, so she's pretty much my favorite person. Next to Justin. Anyway, besides having excellent taste in the matchmaking department, she also just has fantastic taste period. From her own style, to her home, gift giving party throwing, etc. You can see for yourself here on her pinterest boards. All of that being said, I am so thrilled for Kelly's new business venture. Her shop's called Curated by Kelly and she's got the most beautiful collection of jewelry at very affordable prices. She's running a special today as seen below. Check it out!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Party

We were invited to an Oscars party last night and had the best time! Our sweet friends Jeff and Carly (and baby Liam) hosted the party, and every little detail was darling. They asked us to bring a dish themed after one of the best film nominees. Justin had the brilliant idea to make Abraham Lincoln's last meal. Weeelll, I wasn't really up for making Mock Turtle soup or roast Virginia fowl. We opted for his favorite desserts, which were apple pie and gingerbread cookies.

Carly had movie candy, bingo sheets and a red carpet. Everything was so well thought out and the planner in me loved every detail. Thanks for a fun night Endres family!

Justin and baby Liam

Monday, February 11, 2013

Justin's faux birthday

That sweet of husband of mine's birthday was Sunday, and being the sweet husband that he is, spent it volunteering for the Baylor Women's Council Annual Home Tour. For five hours. He's also dealt with a stressed out wife who has made herself crazy over this event. That would be yours truly of course. Anyway, I decided it was only fair to celebrate his birthday a little early. It started with a living room full of balloons on Friday. Fun surpise for him to come home to.

We met Robert and Kelly for dinner on Friday night at Justin's favorite, Japanese Palace. We had a great time with our dearest friends. No surprise there.

Saturday, a day I deemed Justin's faux birthday, I woke up early and made two stops for some of his favorite breakfast items: kolaches and chick fil a. We ran a few errands Saturday morning and then had lunch at Palio's Pizza, one of our favorite local spots. Justin's next surprise was a couple's massage and salt scrub. (I thoroughly enjoyed this day too, clearly). We *loved* our afternoon at the spa. Exactly what we needed.

relaxing in the spa waiting area before our treatments.
Afterwards we headed over to Barnes and Noble for coffee and a little reading. We love just hanging out there, we just never have the time. Some friends from our Sunday school class texted us to see if we wanted to meet for dinner, so we added yet another surprise to the day! To round out the night we saw Life of Pi in 3D, something Justin had been wanting to see. Pretty much the best Saturday we've had in a while. Happy Birthday to my love! We're continuing the celebration in Vegas tomorrow. Woohoo!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Being the avid football fans that we are, Justin and I were both excited for the Big Game and also a little sad that it marked the end of our favorite season. We sent it out in style with our dear small group friends last night. We brought pizza bites, bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers and rolo pretzel sandwiches. We both indulged a little too much, but it only happens once a year, right?! We're already counting down the days until our favorite teams kick off next fall, but we're also pretty excited about baseball season. Go Rangers!

our contribution

enjoying the beautiful weather and view before the game