Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's rare that my little house doesn't have some sort of seasonal flair. I don't think I go too crazy, but I like to have something out to commemorate most holidays. For example, I have the sweetest little snowman figurine that transitions from my bathroom to my mantle after Christmas. He's more winter than holiday. In my opinion anyway. I also leave my vintage snowflake tree topper out and move it to the mantle to add a little winter sparkle. Justin thinks it's tacky. I love it. Good thing it's just my house so I have final say on all decorations. I'm sure some day (in the not so distant future, I hope) that will change.

This year I displayed my Christmas cards on an old window pane I have hanging in the living room. (It's from my grandmother's childhood home and I adore it). In an effort to display all of my nearest and dearest I just strung some baker's twine along the window and bought the teeniest little clothespins to attach the cards. I left them up for weeks after Christmas since I loved them so much, but with February quickly approaching I figured it was time. As I was taking the cards down last night I realized the set up was the perfect spot for my fab vintage valentines that my sweet friend Kelly gave me last year. I'm in love. (pun intended). This will likely be a seasonal transition that sticks every year.

Just had to share. Now I'm off to a council meeting and my self-imposed blog hiatus.

my winter mantle scape. i'm not typically a fan of figurines, but i looove this little snowman.

my nearest's and dearest's cards on display.

transitional vintage valentine display

oh how i adore these gems

P.S. the BUWC Home Tour is coming along well. I'm super excited about the event! Just a little nervous.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So, the blog has gone dark for the first time ever. I'm just smack in the middle of the busiest season I think I've ever experienced. I've been a). planning Justin's 30th birthday bash b). planning a home tour for the Baylor Women's Council c). working crazy hours to complete the annual report/magazine and other projects d). attempting to maintain my sanity. Life is c-r-a-z-y right now.

For posterity sake, here's what else has been going on lately:

Movie date with my mom, sister and niece. We saw Beauty in the Beast. Just as wonderful as I remembered.
My grandmother (Bebe) and I went to a painting class together.
Justin was in the Dominican Republic for a week. (So glad that portion of school is over)!
Spent lots of quality time with friends while Justin was away.
Hired a new graduate intern at work that has been a lifesaver with all of the projects.

keira and mom

my sweet niece and i at the movies

me and bebe

justin in the dominican

peak at justin's birthday invites. it's a bingo theme.

See you next month blog friends.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Year of the Bear

If you're one of my facebook friends you're probably tired of hearing about Baylor. I tend to drone on and on about my love for all things green and gold there. I guess I tend to do that here too for that matter. I would be remiss if I didn't post something about the crazy, record breaking bowl game we attended the week after Christmas. It was the perfect way to cap off our first season as season ticket holders. I'm already counting down until next year. Until then I'll be reminiscing about all of the fun games, the ups and downs, multiple Common Grounds trips, close friends and that Heisman winner of ours. It was a great season. Sic 'em Bears!

Here's a look into our trip for anyone that hasn't already bypassed this post.

pep rally outside of tower of the americas

tower lit up in baylor green!

furr, kate and i

justin and jared. note their cups ;)

in front of the alamodome. not my favorite sports venue.

super fan = jae


all that's missing are ksti and spiercey

sic em! this foam paw made us lots of friends

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

May this year bring many bright and wonderful moments.
The inner circle (minus Kate) (Plus RG3 and Terrance Ganaway)